Case Study



I was introduced to the founder of Plumo, Esther Roth, in early 2020.  Plumo, a very distinctive platform, wanted to individualise their offer and so decided to expand through their own designed range, Plumo studio.

To do this they needed a product developer with expertise in sourcing fabrics, getting patterns and samples made and producing the garments in bulk.  Starting with 3 styles, I sourced local stock fabrics and produced the garments at one of the London factories that I use.

Forward to this spring summer ’22 and after and after 3 successful seasons, we are producing 38 new styles.

Plumo now have the flexibility and versatility to repeat styles within weeks, capitalising on speed to market.  By producing locally, they have drastically reduced their carbon footprint whilst also supporting local businesses and Artisans.